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to sell voters on his plan to save california schools. >> and i sure hope they vote yes on 30. if they don't, i'll to haven manage the austerity. and it will be austere. >> in other words, nearly $6 billion in cuts to education. prop 30 would save it by higing the income tax rate on those making over $250,000 a year and by boosting the sales tax. his opponents argued that would not only make california sales tax. the increase would apply to gasoline as well. >> a billion dollars more a year for gasoline, clothes, things we buy every day. >> that is totally false. the tax does not apply to gasoline. and they know they're wrong and they're lying. >> opponents also argue that new taxes would drive business out of california and that not all the new revenue would be guaranteed for schools. as it would be under the competing prop 38. at a proposal. when we spoke with governor brown this morning in oakland, he seemed to be at his wit's end. >> i've cut. i've slashed. i'm mr. frugal. i bring a bag lunch. i've cut my office 25%. wherever i can get my hands on spending, i'm going on squeeze. we're
on the california ballot. the two propositions both raise taxes. one helps just schools. the other has broader goals. and there's plenty of controversy with both of them. today the head of the california public schools weigh in to nbc area on the debate and kimberly tere has more on propositions 30 and 38. >> reporter: diane, state superintendent for public instruction tom turricsen wants voters to say yes on both measures. we caught up with him, but with the election so close, education and these propositions weren't far from his mind. he carefully considered both prop 30 and 38 and says both would help get more money into public schools. >> now, i'm equally strong on both, and i believe that they'll both represent a major rescue plan for the schools. without the passage of either one of them, our schools face more devastating cuts. possibly a shortening of the school year by four weeks. this would make it one of the shortest school years in the modern economy, the modern global world that we are in, and it would hurt our students' ability to compete. >> reporter: so what exactly do the measures do
, 28. north star, 25. man mouth mountain in southern california picking up 18 inches. as we look at the radar, you'll find more snow in the north and south in lake tahoe. a lot of people are stuck in the snow, including nbc bay area's own vicky wynn. we have you on the phone now. we know you're used to being up in lake tahoe but how bad is it? >> we are jokingly calling it snowmageddon, but that's a little bit. we thought we would get three or four inches of snow. we'd take the baby up for her first experience of snow. wake up monday morning, it seemed like a foot of snow on the ground already. from sunday to today i'd say we've had at least a foot and a half, if not more. we're in this area called christmas valley. my mother-in-law tells me that we actually get more snow here, but it is still south lake tahoe. over the hill, right, when you are driving in from the bay area. so, i mean, outside, absolutely picturesque beautiful. i think you're looking at some of the photos i snapped with my phone and maybe a little bit of video from today. the fleurys have been coming intermitten
so, it would be the first in california. >> you'll be able to see what the drone is seeing as it's flying. >> reporter: at four pounds and four feet wide, this drone gets a bird's-eye view that officers on the ground are often blind to. >> it can save lives. >> reporter: in this demonstration in dub lick, it's a man standing in the shadows on a roof top with explosives in his reach. >> near priceless. it's valuable to any officer, as you're setting up your perimeters and knowing what the suspect may have in his hands, how the suspect is dressed, what are the avs of escape. >> reporter: the sheriff says his office would only use them during emergencies. >> pursuing a suspect on foot or pursuing a vehicle in an area or search and rescue or disaster. >> reporter: and for proactive policing like catching marijuana fields on public lands. >> they do have infrared capacity. you would be able to see what the drone is seeing as it's flying. >> reporter: but not everyone is a fan. the aclu only wants them deployed when there's a warrant. >> reporter: but the sheriff says an arm ee eed dro
to come out and take advantage of that hollywood money and that california gold. >> we are back here live where you can see the san francisco police department has the street barricaded off as the first of three fundraisers takes place. this is the first of three tonight. from here he will travel six blocks up the street to the big gra graham civic auditorium. reporting live from san francis francisco. nbcbay area news. >> jean, big concert, big meal and big money. should be quite a party with notable names, right? >> that is right. big names, celebrity chefs are helping the president raise much needed cash. >> one veteran says he is not voting, he says voting for the top two candidates are trying to change the minds here tonight. but barack obama supporters say he needs four more years. >> they are voting for occupation in afghanistan. so, we are going to have a president until 2024. we are asking people not to take part in voting for that system. i believe that our economy is on the right track. we want to make sure that he finishes what he started. the president will be meeting with a
for california some say. >> it exposes people to litigation, unnecessarily without any gain on any scientific basis. >> according to the no on 37 organization the proposition would raise food prices by about $400 a year for the average family and poorly written and confusing. >>> california democratic party volunteers hit the food bank today in oakland in a last push to sway voters. the student california student teache teachers association group. >> the fees keep rising and funding to colleges and universities is not back to original levels tuned master plan in california a lot of these students will not see their dream fulfilled. >> prop 30 would inclose sales an income taxes to fund education programs. the volunteers and supporters of prop 30 say they will man the phones until account tonight. >> still ahead, we'll show you how one bay woman's ordinary day at the of has a lot in common with halloween, how she turned an unlikely dream into a reality. >> we're watching the halloween forecast for the week ahead. our temperature outside still feels more like a summer evening around the bay are
down in california. and believe it or not, they could be at $4 a gallon by thanksgiving. and that is, believe it or not, something to cheer about. statewide average today, $4.40. 20 cents cheaper per gallon than the record high about two weeks ago. analysts say prices will continue to drop 10 to 15 cents a gallon a week through thanksgiving and could average $3.75 hopefully by the end of the year. >>> okay. you ready for the world series? you see matt cain, marco scutaro, everyone fired up, the bay area is buzzing and so is our nbc chopper. the scene at atat&t park. they brought in thousands of pounds of new dirt, very experienced crew here, so the field should look sharp for tomorrow evening, 5:07 p.m., first pitch against the detroit tigers. >>> we did this not long ago in 2010, you remember. so san francisco knows what to do. and there's plenty to do in these next 24 hours. it's not just baseball. here's nbc bay area's joe rizzoto jr. >> reporter: if the giants hadn't won game seven on monday night, not only would their season have been over, but also enrique's. >> this right here
donation must be identified. california's fair political practices commission stopped that ruling when a phoenix based group donated millions to fight two california propositions. when money is earmarked for an initiative, they must be identified. voters are already casting ballots, so the judge said they need to make an informed decision. >>> even if you're not one of the million people expected to go to the parade, you'll probably watch it on tv or online. it's a big deal and they're working around the clock. the giant's parade starts tomorrow. monty francis joins us with the last-minute preparations. i can even see behind you some sneak peeks what we're going to see tomorrow. >> reporter: raj, we're here at pier 54 where workers are racing against the clock, getting ready for the big parade. you can see they're putting the finishing touches on some of these floats. across town at city hall, they're gearing up for what is sure to be a huge celebration. more than a million people flooded the city in 2010 for the ticker tape parade honoring the giants. so the mayor is urging anyone pla
was in the bay area today pushing for voters to pass prop 30 and reject prop 32. dozens of california educators were on hand at the burlingame news conference to show their support. prop 30 would prevent billions of dollars in cuts to schools and colleges. prop 32 prevents unions from using dues for political purposes. he values the quality of education he got and wants to make sure that quality continues. >> we need in school not just standardized tests that comes out of washington bureaucracy but we also need arts programs, science programs, fileld trip, librarians, counselors. >> critics of prop 30 say it does not guarantee any new jobs or funding for schools, that it is actually bad for jobs and harmful to small businesses and the folks who are yes on prop 32 argue that it removes special interest money from politics. >>> the call for a san jose city councilwoman to return campaign money is growing louder this weekend. last week the state fair political practices commission ruled that san jose mayor violated state law when his political action committee donated $100,000 to rose herrera. the
to vote for one measure or both or neither, you need all the facts. >> for the students and for california's future, vote yes on 30. >> governor jerry brown's face has been a fixture on television. as have education advocates all over california. they're trying to win over your vote for competing tax hike plans. prop 30 and 38. that claim to save education from the brink in the golden state. >> i've seen this one. >> dr. john elwood, budgetary expert and professor at berkeley's gold man school of public policy agreed to sit down with us to vet the truthfulness of the ads. >> do you think they could be construed as misleading. >> both ads are relatively accurate. perhaps. but dr. elwood was able to poke some homes. first, let's start with prop 30 which predicts $6 billion in revenue a year to be used primarily for education. by raising taxes on high income earners an the sales tax. >> restore funding for schools an colleges and -- >> money must go to the classrooms and can't be touched by politicians. >> he notes the cuts are restorative in the sense that this year's budget will automatical
they were taken into custody, they discovered therm on a crime spree that started in southern california on august 28th. that's what darnell washington escaped from san bernardino county jail with his wife's help. on september 2nd he's suspected of wounds an l.a. county sheriff deputy. they are suspected in another carjacking and robbery between them and october 5th when suzy coe was killed in her hercules home. >> they're not calling them suspects at this time, but if they turn out to be, then it would be up to the various jurisdictions. what i learn from the media folks is there may be more than just two jurisdictions involved. there could be some others, and the district attorneys and states attorneys and so forth have to get involved and discuss this thing and decide how it's going to be prosecuted and who is going to have first bite at the apple. >> we reached out to suzy coe's family. while they're exhausted, teesd arrest bring them a sense of relief on the website welovesuzycoe.com. >>> the reinstated sheriff after the board declined to uphold charges filed by mayor ed lee. now wh
or the victim. >> the california real estate market is looking healthier this quarter with the number of foreclosures way down. data quick reports the number of homes entering foreclosure haven't been this low since 2007. the number of loan modifications and short sales are up and prices in many areas are rising. more encouraging news, the number of homes lost to foreclosure is down 41% compared to a year ago. tonight team usa is dealing with the major setback in the america's cup. we saw the $8 million accident on live tv during our 5:00 newscast. the oracle boat flipping and the crew members thrown into the water. the boat is back on shore but it needs major tlc. monty francis joins us from pier 80 in san francisco. monty, oracle has deep pockets. can they salvage this boat? >> reporter: some of the boat can be salvaged burt the mast has to be replaced. what is left of the boat is now here at a warehouse at pier 80 and all day long crews are bringing back pieces of the boat. we have new video of the dramatic moments on the bay. team usa encountered a shift in the wind and a strong c
across most of california. that's the great news. all of the storm activity pushed well out. 75 in fairfield and livermore. close to 80 in santa rosa, also for santa theresa with 78 and 74 in san jose. the winds drying out for 36 hours out of the north and slightly out of the west as well. that was good enough to give us this kind of warming today, los gatos going from 55 to 70 this afternoon. that was our biggest warming on the map. now let's bring you back to current temperatures. it's kind of mild when you think of where we were earlier this week and livermore and low 70s back into concord and santa rosa. you'll find a bit of haze with this strong wind and in san francisco we are fog free at this hour. we even have a little bit of orange in the sky over the past half hour. maybe an indication of how things will go with the giants. warming trend is still expected for this weekend. high pressure building offshore, not only warmer air associated with it but the slight drying wind out of the north will increase our fire danger a little bit then we'll have 80s in your seven-day fo
't the only thing to take a hit. california's biggest pension plans lost billions of dollars spurring talks of a pension crisis. >> governor brown signed a reform bill a few weeks ago that he says will shore up the state's funds and get california back on track. the question is will it really? we take a closer look at tonight's reality check. >> let's assume for a second that they are spot on when they project savings over the next 30 years. sounds like substantive reform, doesn't it? many people would say yes, if the state's unfunded liability is as reported, but if it were more like 500 billion or 800 billion? you might feel differently. the topic of pension reform has been in jerry brown's crosshairs ever since he returned to sacramento last year taking on the role of california's fiscal guardian. >> these pension reforms will go a long way toward making our pension system more sustainable and more fair. >> reporter: brown's solutions all revolve around cutting the state's expenses like capping annual pay outs at 132,000 a year and requiring employees to contribute more to their pensions
to more crimes in southern california. investigators say darnell escaped from a san bernadino prison with his wife's help and shot a police officer. hercules detectives are now in washington state interviewing both suspects. their bail is set at $3 million each. >>> csi bay area. right now scientists at lawrence livermore lab are using the smallest slivers of evidence to identify victims of natural disasters and murders. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez got a rare behind the scenes look. >> reporter: it is truly remarkable technology. top minds here at the lawrence livermore laboratory have figured out a new way to help law enforcement solve cases. it involves examining teeth and it could some day play a crucial role in solving murder mysteries. scientists at lawrence livermore laboratory are diving into new territory, teaming up with law enforcement to solve cold cases. >> for the most part the technique is not well known because it's not part of the usual tool box of techniques law enforcement uses. >> reporter: but that may soon change thanks to the work of senior scientist bruce buc
. >> it's great for the organization, more so great for our northern california region and san francisco. our fan base is maybe the best in sports. >> reporter: fans say seeing the team is well worth the wait. >> it's so awesome. i'm feeling a dynasty. >> we live and breathe the giants. we are so thrilled for them. >> good to be here last time in 2010. stoked to be here and welcome these guys home this time. >> reporter: among the fans, this 3-year-old who re-enacted some of the giants' pitchers' best moves and 2-year-old miguel diaz who is celebrating the clean sweep. they have tomorrow to rest before the big parade set for halloween. >> i think orange and black on halloween is very natural. but i think that's a way to actually do two birds with one stone. there were going to be people taking off that day anyway to celebrate the halloween day. >> reporter: this is video from the 2010 world series parade when tens of thousands of fans descended on market street as cable cars carried the players and their families. wednesday's parade will follow a similar path at the foot of market and we
in california's prisons. the report showed that some phones come from guards and other prison workers. 20 workers have been fired for that offense. one female prison work accused of bearing a inmate's child quit rather than undergo a test. others were caught sending nude photos or love letters on the phones. while romance is a motivating factor, the real motivator is cash. prisoners pay up to $1,000 for each phone. inmates use phones to rung street gangs and other organized crime. 4,000 bucks for a strip club using public funds. leaders of the port of oakland are on the the hot seem. maritime operations direct james kwan racked up a $4500 bill at a houston strip club back in 2008. te it was spent to enter stain shipping executives. kwan submitted a receipt and was reimbursed the entire amount. they held an emergency meeting on reimbursement policies on friday and met again tonight about an hour ago. however, they aren't confirming kwan was the person in question. they plan to hold more meetings this week and are in the process of updating several employee policies. >>> we're staying in oa
and california. >> this was a day many of us will never forget. the man behind apple, steve jobs, died a year ago today. and the company he left behind posted this tribute on their website home page just today. it's not just a global story but a local story. apple to the surprise of many has moved on and continues to thrive without its co-founder. let's bring in our reporter scott budman. >> you are right, raj. steve jobs left a big legacy. all good news for apple fans, investors and the future of silicon value. the bottom line for any company is this, products in the hands of loyal customers. >> we haven't been raesing on our lawyers. >> it's what steve jobs did west and what apple continues to do today. >> there is no question in my mind that apple was totally prepare forward the loss of steve jobs. >> this is iphone 5. >> a year later apple is selling iphones and ipads faster than ever. >> good. i would use it in the future. i'll use it in college. >> it's stock price is up about 70% and technology executives all over silicon valley talk about how jobs influences the way they do business. >> h
in massachusetts and shipped to 23 states including california. health experts say it's a fungle form of meningitis and not contagious. most of the cases are in tennessee which received the largest shipment of steroid which has been recalled. >>> panic at the pump. the average price of a gallon of gas in the state jumped eight cents just overnight to $4.32. some gas stations in southern california have actually stopped buying gasoline on the wholesale market to fill their underground reserves because of the rising price. as a result, some are running out of fuel. those that are not are charging nearly $5.80 a gallon. can you stomach that? here in the bay area, gas prices skyrocketed nearly ten cents overnight. a gallon of regular in san francisco is now $4.43, up from $4.33 just yesterday. in oakland and san jose, it will cost you about $4.37 a gallon to fill up. experts are blaming a chevron fire and power outage that affected exxon mobil's refinery in southern california for the fuel spike. >>> the big question in the bay area now is can you get me tickets to the playoff games? >> can you get me
a bill allowing young undocumented residents to qualify for california driver's licenses. they have to be accepted by a federal work permit program. that could impact an estimated 400,000 people under the age of 30. it will take effect january 1st. those familiar with the program don't expect a rush to the department of motor vehicles though. >> i think it's going to take a few months for individuals. once they receive their deferred action, they'll go forward to dmv offices and applying for their driver's license. >> the bill's author says the new law will make the highways safer for all of californians. >>> other states are taking notice of california's new law against so-called conversion therapy intendeded to make gay teenagers straight. governor brown signed the bill on saturday calling the practice quackery. now gay rights activists in other parts of the country are pushing for similar laws. activists are busy with christian legal groups vowing to sue. they want to block the new law taking effect on january 1st. they say it infringes on a therapist's first amendment right to f
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